South Bristol ARC - Mailing List


Ladies and gentlemen,

If you are receiving this directly from me and not via our newly created mailing list then it is because you haven't yet subscribed to the Mailing list.

One or two have been in contact and there have been a couple of teething issues however most of these are either worked out or can be worked out if they cause a problem.

There are a number of ways of subscribing, you can:

1. Send an e-mail from the address you wish to subscribe with to:

2. Goto the South Bristol ARC Groups homepage and click on the button "Apply for Membership in this Group".  The page is here:

3. Goto the Clubs website and in the right hand sidebar between the "Forthcoming Events" and our TWITTER Feed you can either click on the logo to be taken to the Public landing page given in step 2 or you can enter the subscription e-mail address in the box provided and click on "Subscribe".  The Clubs website is, of course:

4. Go directly to the Joining Page (do not pass Go, do not collect £200).  The joining page can be found here:

I am keen to move as much traffic over to the Groups mailing list as possible as it offers benefits in terms of responses and open discussions.


Andy Jenner G7KNA BEng CEng MICE
Hon. Sec.
for and on behalf of South Bristol Amateur Radio Club
Novers Park Community Centre
Rear of 122 - 124 Novers Park Road
Bristol BS4 1RN
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