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Ladies and gentlemen,

Whilst paddling around the internet, I came across the following from Adam N4NT.  I don't know if anyone else has come across this net or even if it is still in action but if anyone has checked in to represent the only real Bristol worth mentioning the Club would be interested in hearing about it in passing.  I'm conscious that the timing is not exactly helpful for us but I know there are one or two night owls in the Club

Message reads:
Hello, I am the president of the Bristol Amateur Radio Club in Bristol, Tennessee & Bristol, Virginia, USA. I have recently created a wires-x room 61243 (analog) and connected it to our local club repeater. My goal is to contact amateurs in all the other Bristol's around the world, hoping that someone from each Bristol can connect to our room and check in at least one time on our weekly net. Our net is held on Tuesday nights at 9 .p.m. our time which is eastern time zone. I believe this would be Wednesday night at 2 a.m. where you are.
If you have someone who is willing to stay up and check in with us some time we would greatly appreciate it. The goal is to get at least one person one time but you are always welcome anytime and as many that would like to check in will be welcomed.

Thank you
Adam Dye N4NT .

Andy Jenner G7KNA BEng CEng MICE
Hon. Sec.
for and on behalf of South Bristol Amateur Radio Club
Novers Park Community Centre
Rear of 122 - 124 Novers Park Road
Bristol BS4 1RN
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A little research has revealed that the net is still active.  The start time is 21:30 EST (Eastern Standard Time) and the room is now all digital for those who understand those things.


Hon Sec

for and on behalf of South Bristol ARC