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South Bristol ARC
This is the Public Group Mailing List for South Bristol Amateur Radio Club (SBARC). SBARC was founded in August 1983 and officially created in October 1983 and exists to promote Amateur Radio and operation of Amateur Radio.  We do this through regular themed meetings, operation of Special Event and Demonstration stations, participation in Amateur Radio contests and by providing training and examinations at all three levels of the Amateur Radio Exam (Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced). Our website ( contains much useful material about the Club and our Training programme and is updated with News and Activity reports on a regular basis
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Subgroups You Can Join

  • SBARC Committee
    This is a private list for the use of the elected committee.  No decisions will be made here without the ratification of the members via an open Committee meeting, EGM or AGM as appropriate.  This part of the SBARC Groups setup is intended to be used to assist in all round communication to speed decisions by allowing a record of a discussion to be maintained between Committee meetings. As with the Members area, membership of this part of the group is limited to those on the Committee and will change depending on the current elected committee.  Deselection or standing down will result in removal from this Group although membership of the wider Group will not change.
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  • SBARC Members
    This is a private sub-group for the use of paid up and enrolled members of the South Bristol ARC.  Messages posted here are not publicly visible and are not open to anyone outside the Club membership roster.  This means that membership of the group is conditional on payment of subs and members in arrears will be removed from this sub-group
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  • SBARC Training Team
    Although this might not get as much use as other areas of the SBARC Groups it was felt useful to dedicate a private channel to those involved in Club Training. This list is not publicly visible and membership is limited to those involved in the training programme plus the necessary Group administration.
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