Group Guidelines (Please Read)

This Public Group and any Private or Public Sub-Groups has been established by South Bristol Amateur Radio Club (South Bristol ARC, SBARC, the Club) and is primarily intended to be a distribution system for Club News and Information to Club Members and subscribed non-members.  Additionally the Club has subscribed to a number of Amateur Radio, Electronics, Technology and Computing News Feeds and updates from these sources will also appear as Topics.

The nature of Groups is that subscribed people, be they members of the Club or not, may discuss any of the Topics by posting a Reply or starting a new Topic in the Public Forum.

As a result of this open nature it is vitally important that everyone conducts themselves in a respectful and courteous manner.  The Club want these Forums to be somewhere that people come for sound advice and encouragement and where a reasoned and rational discussion can be held to the benefit of everyone reading and participating.  If this cannot be achieved voluntarily it will be enforced by the Moderators and Owners.  The ability to Ban and Remove Subscribed people, whether they are members of the Club or not, exists and will be employed if suitable standards cannot be upheld.

Many of the following points are common sense or basic "netiquette" (internet etiquette) however please read through them, ignorance of these Guidelines is not a defence if you transgress. Terms and Conditions

Our use of is contingent on us abiding by the Terms and Conditions of These can be found and read here:

Additionally have specific policies relating to:


Pornography, Adult Content and Nudity:


This Group is set to "require approval for new membership" and "new members posts are moderated". This is because groups are increasingly getting spammed, usually by people who sign up a spurious account, send obnoxious email, and then depart.

If you join, and then don't send a post for a long while, you might be surprised when that first post doesn't show up. After all, you've waited a long time to have something important to say, and it just disappeared. That's because its waiting for a moderator to look at it, make sure it's not spam, and forward it. This can take a while if you happen to hit an interval between email checks.

Once you've said something reasonable a couple of times, we take you off moderation status. Your posts will no longer be delayed beyond the usual internet randomness.

As Amateur Radio is worldwide, please be aware that we may have list members for whom English may not be their native language.

Messages, Files and Photos

Messages in either plain text or HTML are permitted, but HTML emails will have any different fonts and colors removed. Any attachments will, however, be stripped from messages. If you have to send files please upload them to a file transfer service (such as WeTransfer which will allow you to transfer upto 2GB in one session for free) and post a link, remember that such services are usually time expired and your files will be deleted after a specified period (7 days in the case of free WeTransfer). Please ensure that you have the right to redistribute the files you are sending, links to sites known to redistribute "cracked" software, copyright protected material or malware ridden downloads will be summarily deleted by a Moderator or Owner on discovery or when these are referred to us.

Please sign messages with your name (and callsign if applicable) as it makes the group friendlier and much easier to follow messages. Nicknames or Handles are fine, just try to stay consistent.

Archives of messages are publicly visible, but email addresses are hidden within the online archive.

The default reply option is "Reply to Group", please consider if you actually need to do this. Whilst it is probably the default response 90% of the time there may be occasions when a reply direct to the poster is more appropriate, this is particularly the case if a one or two word response is appropriate.

Do not FLAME people. If you can't say something constructive then it's better to say nothing.  If you feel you have been unfairly or unjustly treated stop and think before replying, don't feed the trolls and if you need to; take it off-list and sort it out yourselves, everyone is an adult and should act like one. Remember typing in ALL CAPITALS comes over as SHOUTING

Always remember that when we speak to someone face to face anything from a half to two thirds of the communication clues we receive are non-verbal; they come from: facial expressions, body language and tone of voice and can completely change the meaning or significance of the actual words being spoken. On these Groups all of those clues are absent and it is quite possible for something that would be taken in a jocular fashion in conversation to come over as rude, aggressive or downright stupid in print. Even if the recipient understands the "in-joke" it is perfectly possible for a third party who is unfamiliar with the relationship between the two people to be offended even where none was intended. So even if you would say something to a persons face please think twice before going into print with the same thing as the Moderators and Owners have enough to do without having to arbitrate in a Kindergarten dispute of "he said/she said" and are most likely to simply Ban those involved for a period.

Trimming Posts

Please do not quote the entire message when you are responding to someone. Give enough information for reference. Use some form of notation such as "<snip>" to indicate deleted parts if you feel the need. This is especially important to those getting the digest version of this list. It is incredibly frustrating to have to scroll through page after page of quoted text, only to see a single line reply.

Permitted Topics

Amateur Radio is a particularly diverse hobby and as such the number and content of topics that can be spawned cover a particularly wide range. For this reason a reasonably tolerant approach to Topic content will be taken, obviously anything pertaining to radio reception and transmission is an acceptable topic, as would be anything related to electronic design or construction, computer related or general Technology enhancements. Additionally topics relating to the construction of antennas, foundations for masts, wall brackets etc. would also be considered acceptable topics.

On the other hand discussions of the colour of feeder jacket to match your interior decor is probably not going to be acceptable.

Topics can drift sometimes, please make every effort to stay on-topic. If you have a new question, please start a new topic.


Non commercial "wanted" or "for sale" posts will be acceptable provided they do not become a significant part of the Group or a significant proportion of a Subscribers posting. Should they start to unbalance the technical content they will either be removed or a separate "Market Place" Sub-Group can be created.

Irrespective of where the ads are placed the transaction will be between the vendor and the purchaser as a private transaction by two private individuals and the usual private sale "Caveat Emptor (Let the buyer beware)" will apply. The Club and accept no responsibility for the accuracy or content of an advertisement or for the condition or quality of the equipment bought or sold by private individuals and will not act as negotiator, arbitrator or legal counsel.

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